from last week.

#1: Clay pendant, with silver Rub n' Buff coloring. Aluminum designed wire. Elastic cord.
#2: Originally it had a little stem and it was a mushroom, but my son broke off the stem and now it just looks like a brain, so thats what we'll call it. Polymer clay pendant, with brown leather strap.
#3: Beads made with sparkled gold and transparent clay, a closer look at the swirlies show how awesome they really are. Sorry the photo isn't so close up. The string is something i got from a piece of clothing, its golden silk strands..i think. Brass wire looped around to design, and then beads were wrapped onto it.
#4: This one i made with my 3 yr old son Daichi. He mushed the colors of the pendant together, made it into a circle then pressed little dents into it with his fingers. I made the top loop part and buffed it with silver Rub n' Buff.
#5: This one somehow turned into a creppy looking design. This was my shot at making something boyish. Polymer clay pendant, Hard leather waxed strap.
#6: This one i call candy, because it looks yummy and shiney. Super simple. take all the colors you want to compile, roll them into little cigarette sized sticks, stack them together and then roll them. As you roll the shape will become like a longer stick, when it does, fold it over in half and repeat the rolling. do that several times and the colors will mix together but in nicely organized thin lines. (This way of mixing colors makes it unlike marble. but like christmas candy canes. It helpes the individual colors stay the way they are without mixing in and changing color. ) roll the clay into a pencil shaped stick and then curl it from one end into a circle. leave two inches at the end to hoop into where the strap can go through. super simple, super fun! If you want your stick to twirl and not only be strait lines of colors, just take one end and twist it. i think i did a little of that to this pendant.
#7: I tried to make a pendant that looked like carved bone. I dont think i got the colors just right but my friend liked it a lot so that was good!!! Drew the tree and design into the clay with a needle. baked it. then dabbed paint into the engraves. after it dried i sandpapered the paint off and what was left was the paint inside the design. buffed it shiney. the string piece is three different kinds of leather. semi braided.
#8: I made a marble with light blue, black and transparent clay. The transparent works really well and it adds a semi precious stone look to it. if you look closely the white parts are a tad seethru. wrapped brass wire around it, and put black shoelace string through it.
#9: black and transparent clay. made a petal design and laid each petal down in the shape of a flower. stamped swirlies. then painted gold over it. Brass wire twirled beads. And elastic string.

Mister Emo Eetoe

I've never made little fellows like this before. I saw Elaina make some and they added a thrill to her day so i thought I'd give it a shot. Generally i like adorable things with a hint of cruelty...stuff that's not just peachy, but a little bit dorky, ugly and just imperfect...
Well this little fellow represents anyone Emo who has given their heart away and put themselves in a position where they just can't get it back. As you may notice there is a stitched patch over his chest, and his heart is on the platter outside his little jail. And the cherry on top of it all is his teenie little butt crack. i love it!! Poor naked man.