Ooo Lala

Hello again.

Recently promised a friend I'd make her a watch for her birthday. It was fun experimenting and finding new ways to make them. I got a little carried away in this first picture, kept adding and decorating and wiring but she seemed to like this big bunch of blah that came out, so im super happy about that!!!

Got inspired by a book i saw a polymer clay artist make. I had the exact same glass marbles so i had some fun with them. This is the bracelet i posted earlier about it being too big. sniff.

a silly little man i made one night while drinking with some friends.

A gift i made for Aimis birthday.

I'm such a fan of "Let the Dead". The menfolk are just so handsome. So, i made this piece for a friend of mine in the band. I feel like sucha creep.

This piece says "be free" on it. but because of the photograph you can't see the entire text.

and thats it for now.