Many Recents.

Its Too Damn Quiet Here!!!!!

But, i plan to change that!!! I have a whole whole lot that I've been working on, (Christmas season coming along n' all.) I just haven't had the time to take pictures of them. But, as soon as the weather clears up I will get to it!!! I'm pretty excited about the new stuff I've worked on. I remember posting here before that i had hopes to aim higher and build thats what I've been trying to do. Began decorating mirrors, tin cans, glass bowls etc...
 Its fun stuff!!!

Twisty Twirly

Two New Necklaces.


I'm a fan of huge massive rings. the bigger the better! I can't ever wear them when out with my kids but they still fascinate me~! So I went on this ring making craze!! It was so much fun i couldn't stop. Ended up making a bunch and still plan on making more.



Palm sized mirror. Front

and back.

Tin Can

Palm sized tin can decorated with polymer clay. Under white glass marble is the text, "free".

Ooo Lala

Hello again.

Recently promised a friend I'd make her a watch for her birthday. It was fun experimenting and finding new ways to make them. I got a little carried away in this first picture, kept adding and decorating and wiring but she seemed to like this big bunch of blah that came out, so im super happy about that!!!

Got inspired by a book i saw a polymer clay artist make. I had the exact same glass marbles so i had some fun with them. This is the bracelet i posted earlier about it being too big. sniff.

a silly little man i made one night while drinking with some friends.

A gift i made for Aimis birthday.

I'm such a fan of "Let the Dead". The menfolk are just so handsome. So, i made this piece for a friend of mine in the band. I feel like sucha creep.

This piece says "be free" on it. but because of the photograph you can't see the entire text.

and thats it for now.


Another FAIL. I made a cute bracelet that i would proudly wear on my wrist any day, and its not fit for my size. I made it too big and i want to sob!!
to make some bigger wristed person happy with a surprise gift.
Or to take it apart and resize it to fit myself.

Why is it that the making one self happy is always the more complicated road?


My heart just went (crack) right down the middle.
I made a beautiful watch that was both delicate and hardcore, but it would not hold itself together. Kept cracking all over the place and needed restitching and glue and it just got frustrating. The concept was wonderful but now I'm needed to replan the entire thing. Unless i find someone who likes to own wristwatches for the sole purpose of setting it on their desk to look pretty.
Sadly, polymer clay is too brittle for certain designs. It snaps.

But, this is exciting. Because little by little i am coming to realize what i am capable of making, and I'm glad my capabilities look pretty to my eye. TYJ.

so far so good...

Set 2

In Case You Wonder

What liquid polymer clay looks like if you leave it seconds too long under the baking heat. ------>>>>>>

Thought it was ironic how the piece i was working on had the text "It Burns" on it. And what do you know...IT BURNS!!!

last month

Only just recently took pictures of my work from the past month.
Hope you like it.