Wired Cuff Bracelets

The first three I've made. They're super simple to make, and lots of fun! And somehow they always turn out looking nice. It's like...a sure deal!! You can't go wrong.

Stayed up till 1:00 am

I made one, and loved it so much i couldn't stop. I went shopping earlier that day and bought glass beads at Malaika. they came in little tin cans with the center piece as the top. I cut a picture and stuffed it in, then wired the beads in drilled holes.
But, now i have no more tin can tops so i need to go shopping for more beads!!!

Wire wrapping jewelry.

Wire makes everything beautiful.
I find myself using it to decorate all the little polymer clay pieces that I've tossed to the side. Recently my 3yr old son broke my trusty lamp which i used to bake all my clay. so until i buy myself a new one I'm having to work with the little scraps and pieces i have. And its been fun.
You never really realise how creative you can get when you're limited.
hopefully I'll have more to post soon!!

DING!!! Enjjoy...

wrap my arms around you.

My maker got carried away...