I like to think i was the first to make a two way pipe. I'd actually be thrilled if someone could find me a photo of one made before me. Otherwise, until then, Weeeee I INVENTED THIS!!!!

Leaf Pipe.

My Art Room.

Its not at all fully set up yet, but here's a peek at where most my messy crafts are done. I plan to finish this room once i close off the doors and make it off limits to the kids. Till then, this is what it is!! My happy place. My favorite place in the house to be. Don't even get me started on how delightful it smells when you walk in!! Gahhh....It's quite holy! I am so blessed. I wanted an art room my whole whole life!!!

Two more.

I think im overloading on the swirlies. But, I'm okay with that. These were just so much fun to make!! Bear with me on this for now!


Blue Swirl.

I liked the black one so much,
that i tried this again in blue. And decorating
the swirls with randomly placed marbles was the best part.

Wrap My Darkness Around You.

Big Tin Box

Another tin box that i decorated with polymer clay.


blah blah.

A little silly something i made last year for a friend of mine.

Wall Decor

A few little trinkets i made to decorate my house with. In some ways its more fun to make than jewelry because you have more freedom in the sense that you don't need to wonder if its wearable, or useable. You can make them as fragile as you wish because its purpose is to sit there looking pretty.

Pandoras Box. snicker*

It has four sides to it, but i only got photos of three. this took up a HUGE chunk of my time and polymer clay! I sure do love it though. I got inspired by a piece i saw on deviant art a while ago. Sucks i can't find the photo anymore but I will give credit where it is due.


Wall Mirror.

A New Watch.



Blue Marble Tree.

Originally i had it put in a small thin silver vase. But the marbles were too heavy and it kept toppling over. So...i resulted in using the blue vase, which overloads on the entire blueness of it...but its okay! I still had fun with it.


So, because I've run out of polymer clay, all my recent projects have been using old scraps I've made, and recent bits and pieces that I've collected from friends etc...

My Latest Project.

Before moving into our new house dad and i went on a shopping spree for new furniture and goodies for our new home. We stumbled upon this old mangled lamp that filled my heart with much joy and a sense of challenge. I wanted to remake it.
 I only finally started on it coming in to the new year, and I'm actually rather happy to name this lamp my very first piece in the year 2010. Started with a bang, i like it!!
 Although, maybe technically i didn't really make it cause i took the main frame from an already made piece. But, it still took a lot of work, and a lot of trial and error.
 Here are the before and after photos. Enjoy!!
Its not completely done as it still needs some nip and tucks, and the kids made it fall one too many times, so reshaping might be in order. But, for now...this is she.
 (I'm also posting a photo of our living room so you can see how big the lamp is.)