Our Blessings!!

This is a new little concept i started making several of, they're a personal favorite. I enjoy most anything that signifies the blessings that children are. And thought I'd make something of it myself. This can be made for any parent with the number on the main piece and dangled pieces being changed according to however many children you have. This first one is a necklace i made for Elaina, the second picture is a CellPhone strap i made for myself.
Both pendant and dangled pieces made of shrink plastic.
Children are blessings.
spread the word.

My first and (so far) only matching set. for boy and girl.

The purple one is for the girl. the brown one is for the boy! I've always wanted to make matching necklaces so these are a personal favorite!

Recent creations.

#1: Polymer Clay pendant. Clay and plastic beads. Thin leather cord.
#2: Choker. Polymer Clay, Wooden, and plastic beads. thick brown leather cord.
#3: Polymer Clay pendant. wooden and plastic beads. thin leather cord.
#4: Polymer Clay pendant. Wire wrapped and polymer clay beads. Elastic Cord.

CellPhone Straps

#1: Precious Stone in cage made of brass wire. Polymer clay, wooden, and glass beads.
#2: Scorpion drawn on shrink plastic.


#1: FIMO Polymer Clay. (One of the few i managed to make with good quality fimo clay, Its harder than most others of mine.) Elastic Cord.
#2: Pleather Cord. Polymer Clay and wooden beads.
#3: Polymer Clay. Metal Sun buttoned in. Polymer Clay and Plastic beads. Elastic Cord.

Attempted Jewelry for Men.

As a female jewelry maker, making things for Men is a lot harder than you'd think! Some part of my brain is missing thus most things i make in attempt to be a manly necklace, turns out feminine! PTL! These were some of those attempts.

Delicate Whites.

First one: Precious Stone wire wrapped, wire beads. Elastic Cord.
Second one: Polymer Clay, stamped and glittered. Wire and glass beads. Elastic Cord.

three older ones.

#1: Polymer Clay wired. Wooden and wire beads. elastic cord.
#2: Polymer clay pendant. Wooden and clay beads. pleather cord.
#3: Polyer clay pendant. Black wire beads. (i don't know what the string is made of.) sorry!

Sakura Sentiment.

Shrink Plastic with wired stone. Simple pink string.

Shrink Plastic

Some foolish doodles on shrink plastic! My turtle joke one is especially special!!!
All made with shrink plastic, elastic cord, and wire and plastic beads.

Message from Me!

I hope you like what you see!!
I wanted to state here, as many of my necklaces are made with elastic cord. this may not work well for some of you but i think for most mommy's you'll find it very babyfriendly. My 1 yr old son hasn't yet fully come to understand his strength, and yanks nearly ALL my necklaces off my neck. This results in many broken necklaces, and a sad Ryan. So when making jewelry for myself i thought of a way to make it that a child can tug on it countless times and it would not break. Its been working well so far!!! If the elastic turns out to be of lesser quality than other string, i will let you know. till then, i hope you understand the need for mommys to keep their necklaces babyfriendly!